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Planting density

 Planting density for woodland trees

The standard woodland planting density is 2m for conifers and 2.5m for broadleaf trees, which works out at 2500 and 1600 trees per hectare respectively although this can be varied depending on the project’s objectives and the tree species.

An example might help with calculations.

- measure the length by the width (eg 70m x 10m = 700sq.m)

- planted 2.5m apart - each tree will take up an area of 6.25 sq.m (2.5m x 2.5m)

- so divide 700 by 6.25 = 112 trees required

Planting density for hedging

The standard hedgerow planting density is 5 – 7 per linear metre planted in a double staggered row (zig zag) but you can plant less densely, down as low as 3 per metre, depending on your objectives and cost considerations.  The Environmental Land Management Scheme grants requires planting density of 6 per metre.