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Mixed Native Hedging Packs

Our bare root mixed native packs are a very common mix of species of hedging whips for farm hedgerows, all are non-toxic to browsing livestock and all are native.  They give a mix of flowers and catkins at different times of the year for maximum pollination and there are plenty of berries/fruits which are great for wildlife.  All are deciduous species and all are bare root plants grown in our fields in Herefordshire.  The 1+1 packs listed below are all suitable for grant funding under BN11 (new hedgerows) and BN7 (gapping up existing hedgerows).

We have hawthorn based mixed native packs and blackthorn based mixed native packs.  This means that 50% of these packs is either hawthorn or blackthorn.  Most people choose hawthorn based but you should go for blackthorn based for very early flowering (if nearby early pollination is desirable), or for wetter soils.

In addition to hawthorn and blackthorn, our mixed packs contain hazel, dog rose, field maple and crab apple but we are very happy to make up a mix to suit your own requirements.  You can add additional species to our standard mix if you require a species rich hedge (the more species, the more wildlife friendly it is) - and our suggested additional species are Holly, Elder, Wild Cherry or Bird Cherry, Purging Buckthorn or Alder Buckthorn, Spindle, Cornus sanguinea (the only native Cornus), Wild Privet, Viburnum opulus and Cherry plum.  Here's a blog about wildlife friendly hedging.  Most of these species are available in the size that is a requirement for farm grant funding (1=1 or 1u1).

We have various sizes of plants available in these mixed native packs.  The seedlings are 1 year old bare roots, the transplants (1+1) and undercuts (1u1) are 2 years' old and are the recommended size for farm planting, particularly if you are claiming a grant under the Countryside Stewardship scheme.  Both seedlings and transplants are normally planted at 5 to 7 per metre in a double staggered row (Countryside Stewardship scheme requires at least 6 per metre).

You will need spiral guards (supported by canes - bought separately) unless you are absolutely confident that you do not have rabbits nearby.  We also recommend planting with Rootgrow which is a friendly fungi which dramatically improves the ability of plant roots to find moisture in the soil.  If you are planting in a field in which there will be livestock, you will need to use fencing at least 1m away from the hedge until the plants are sufficiently mature to be a stock-proof hedge, to prevent the the livestock eating and trampling the young plants.

Please do not hesitate to Email Us or call 01989552028 for advice or to order on the phone.

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