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Our business is supplying plants in bulk with high order values so we completely understand that positive reviews by real customers are important.   And particularly when you're buying a live product (rather than a boxed product) online it's crucial to have reassurance that the quality is of the stock is second to none, and the grading, packaging, despatch and communication are all top notch, so we asked some of our customers to give us a comment.  We've anonymised these only to prevent them being tapped up by our competitors but if any prospective customers would like us to put them in touch with similar customers before placing an order, please just ask and we'll facilitate that. 

 "The quality of your plants, both root structure and grading was generally excellent. You should be so proud of everything you have achieved to produce such high-quality plants. We look forward to placing many more orders both this winter and subsequent seasons" - this was from a nursery/online retailer specialising in landscapers/farmers.

"Good quality stock – well graded – promptly delivered." - this was from a wholesale nursery.

"Would highly recommend RJ Trees and Hedging for anyone needing wholesale UK grown trees, Ray’s expertise and service as good as anyone I have dealt with in horticulture. Nothing is too much effort for him or the team." - this was from a nursery supplying the trade and domestic customers.

“I have known Ray for many years when he managed plant production at a large Wholesale Nursery;  he always looked after my annual requirements with great care. Now that he has his own nursery I am very pleased to be able to continue our trading relationship - the stock that I have purchased is well up to the standard that I expect. I wish him well as his output expands”  - this was from a contractor working for farmers and landowners on hedging projects.

 “Ray and his team are growing quality UK hedging and trees. Communication and timely dispatch mean they are quickly becoming the go to people for our contract growing” - this was from one of UK's biggest tree nurseries.

"Thank you for the delivery of thorn that we had. It refreshing to deal with someone that can actually book a delivery day and send exactly what we asked for to the size spec that it was advertised at." - this was from one of the main online retailers of hedging plants.

"Working with RJ Trees and Hedging is always a pleasure.  Communication is first class, promises are always met and the quality of plants is exceptional." - this was from one the UK's leading cell growing nurseries who also supply bare root plants where it is appropriate to the planting site.

 "We use RJ as our preferred bare root hedging supplier. The plants are quality, the price fair and staff helpful. I would happily recommend RJ Trees and Hedging to other nurseries” - this lovely comment came from one of our regular trade nurseries - they dont hold a large stockholding but prefer to order weekly or fortnightly from us so that their plants are always fresh.

 "Hugely impressed with RJ Trees and Hedging.  The customer service is friendly, helpful, and efficient, even going the extra mile to ensure I had the exact grade of plant required.  The range of varieties on offer is still limited but I am reassured will be expanding.  The quality of the plants was excellent and grading accurate.  I will definitely be using this nursery in the future as a first choice for hedging and woodland trees" - this terrific customer review was from one of the UK's largest wholesale/garden centre tree suppliers.

"My experience wtih RJ Trees and Hedging has been one of satisfaction, with stock arriving in good condition, accurate numbers in the bundles, co-ex bags with every order and good communication across the board." - this comment was from a forestry buyer.

"I run a small tree nursery and I had been ordering trees from Ray for many years while he was working for one of the big nurseries. I missed him when he left. I was so happy when I heard that he had started his own Tree Nursery.  My first two orders haven't disappointed me. On the contrary. The quality of the trees is very good.  The commication with him and Jo has been excellent like it used to be. I shall order many more trees from them and I wish them all the best for this new entreprise. I strongly recommend them."

"Excellent customer service, prompt delivery and high-quality trees and shrubs. Highly recommended as a supplier" - were the complementary words of one of the South's largest forestry services.

"Ray and his team welcomed us to his nursery last summer. We were very impressed with what we saw. Great quality stock which has been accurately graded at a competitive price. Would highly recommend. We hope to continue to do business together in the future." - this glowing review was written by a nursery which specialises in supplying the forestry sector.

"Ray’s team provided us with a rapid, efficient and friendly service throughout their first year. We will definitely be using RJ Trees and Hedging again next season. “  Director of a Woodland Management Company.

"It was a real pleasure to be able to source, locally grown trees and hedging shrubs from Ray and the team. The quality of stock was excellent, and being so close to us, gave us real flexibility for last minute, unforeseen requirements. We will be ordering from Ray again this season and onwards into the future." - this review came from a Senior Forest Manager of a nationwide forestry consultancy.

"Just to let you know that everyone is very impressed with your bare root hedging. They are saying it’s the best they have seen! I hope you’re growing plenty more for next year!" - this amazing comment has just come from a large trade nursery in the Midlands who've traded for many years so have plenty of experience of the difference between good stock and not so good stock.  We're very pleased they think ours is the best they have seen.


At this point, we're blushing!   So many positive reviews (please bear in mind that we have a relatively small number of larger customers rather than lots of relatively small customers) makes us very proud of what we've achieved.