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Broadleaf Trees

Broadleaf trees are becoming an increasingly important natural asset and there are numerous government pledges to increase planting of all types of woodland trees, particularly broadleaf trees, in order to move the UK towards its net zero objective as well as reducing our dependence on imported timber (currently 80% of the timber used in the UK is imported).  Funding is available to landowners to plant new woodlands or to maintain existing woodlands in a number of different funding schemes which vary for Scotland, England and Wales.

On this page we have shown all the broadleaf tree varieties that we grow that are suitable for planting in a woodland. Please use the filters on the left hand side to select those attributes that are particularly important to you.  In addition to various UK provenance seed, we also have "improved" seed for Sycamore, Wild Cherry and Silver Birch - so if you are growing trees for future timber production those are the ones to go for.

The standard woodland planting density is 2.5m for broadleaves, which works out at 1600 trees per hectare although this can be varied depending on the project’s objectives and the tree species.

Ray Jenkins the owner of R J Trees and Hedging has over 35 years’ experience in growing broadleaf trees from seed and we offer seedlings (sometimes called whips) which are grown in one season, as well as transplants and undercuts grown over two seasons and in some species longer.

Unless the woodland area is entirely clear of rabbits you will need spiral guards and canes – without them the success rate will be severely compromised which is just a total waste of money, effort and trees.   We also have a section on all the woodland shrubs we grow.

The Forestry Commission have a very good blog on the Top 10 Reasons Farmers Should Consider Planting Trees -

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