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Bio-security and plant health

One of the most important biosecurity meaures that the UK can adopt is to grow our own and we are one of those growers.

On the farm, we take plant biosecurity very seriously and comply with all UK plant health requirements.  We have a number of policies to ensure that all plants we grow are protected to the maximum amount possible from any biosecurity threats.  The most important biosecurity measure we have is Ray Jenkins’ three decades of experience!  In addition to Ray's practical experience of minimising pests and diseases we are accredited and audited by a number of professional organisations.

The Plant Health Alliance "Plant Healthy" Scheme is a recently launched scheme whose purpose is to promote and enhance plant health and biosecurity measures to "protect plant species and associated ecosystems (natural capital) in the United Kingdom and beyond."  We are member number 0027.

We are accredited by the "UK and Ireland Sown and Grown" (UKISG) scheme which is a Woodland-Trust initiative.

We are an approved supplier of UK Provenance stock in accordance with the Forestry Reproductive Material Regulations (2002) regulated by the Forestry Commission. 

And of course we are regularly audited by DEFRA.

We have full traceability from seed to sale and are authorised to issue plant passports, which confirm that our trees and hedging plants are from a disease-free area.  Our Plant Passport number is GB141433.