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Pre orders and Reserves

The bare root season is early November until early April sometimes finishing a little later depending on weather conditions and sometimes finishing a little earlier if we have sold out.

We will have assessed our crops and set prices by 1 September each year and we will take pre orders from then onwards and we recommend you do this either online or if your order is over £5,000 + VAT (even if you require to take it in several call offs), you can "reserve" stock directly with Ray on or call 01989 552028. 

It is essential to pre-order (and we mean ESSENTIAL!) if you would like delivery during November.  We are a wholesale supplier so many of our customers place large orders which are required to be delivered in November and to get into that queue we really do need your order as early as possible.

There is massive demand and limited supply for some species due to the increasing demand for British grown stock, so please do not delay.  We generally do not put any items on sale (unless it is the very end of the season and we have some small surpluses) so there is no point waiting.  You can place an order and request a delayed delivery date until you are ready to plant/the weather is favourable.