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Planting Essentials

We only have a few items in this section which is deliberate because there really are only a couple of things that are essential at planting stage and we dont want to push other products that aren't essential.

Spriral guards (supported by a bamboo cane) really are essential unless you are absolutely confident that you do not have rabbits nearby. We sell the Tubux eco wraps which are made of polypropylene rather than the PVC that traditional spiral guards are made of.  Whilst still a plastic rather than a full biodegradable material, polypropylene can be recycled (using the Tubex recycling scheme) whereas PVC spiral guards cannot.   We call the Tubex eco wraps spiral guards (because that's how everyone refers to tree/hedging guards) but actually they are not a spiral - the edges overlap so the plant can grow without splitting the guard.  They are fast and easy to install.

We are sometimes asked for a full biodegradable spiral guard but they are currently all very expensive and we know that when it comes to actually placing an order the vast majority of our customers baulk at the cost - but if you really do want biodegradable guards please call us and we'll organise that for you.

Rootgrow is a fantastic product and gives dramatically improved results in terms of growth rate and success rate.  Again we know it's expensive but the plants themselves, plus spirals and canes are expensive to say nothing of the labour to plant them so you want to get the best out of them and this is the product to do that.

Please do not hesitate to Email Us or call 01989552028 for advice or to order on the phone.

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