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We are a specialist grower of bare root plants and there are only a handful of such growers in the UK. One of our main customer types is other nurseries who grow their own plants in pots but generally do not do any field growing. We also supply forestry nurseries who specialise in cell growing where our field grown plants give them a complimentary range and in turn we carry a range of cell grown plants from one of the best cell growing specialists in the UK.   We supply some of the UK's largest (and also some very small) nurseries with top quality bare root stock and can accommodate regular call offs to minimise your stock holding.

If you are a plant buyer in a nursery with a specific list of plants you'd like us to quote for please send it to

If you think you're likely to buy at least £5,000 + VAT in any one bare root season, we'd be delighted to offer you a trade account and that will give you better pricing than shown online and 30 days credit.

We supply several large and small online retailers with hedging plants and woodland trees and they then sell them to homeowners and landowners in smaller quantities that we are able to cope with.

If you are an online retailer and are interested in purchasing our British bare root plants, please contact us on   It would be helpful if you could indicate the approx quantity of each species you require, ideally split into the different size/age options shown on the product pages of our website.   We can despatch in smaller call offs (even weekly if you wish) if you do not wish to take all of your order at once. Some of our online retail customers order once they have sold the stock so they are only ordering exactly what they need - saving on stock management.

As well as supplying stock that we have grown ourselves, some of our online retail customers ask us to source bare root stock for them so that they benefit from the prices that Ray is able to negotiate by buying in bulk from other growers that he has known for decades.  We will then hold that stock in our cold store until the online retailers are ready to call it off.

We sell direct to farmers but only if the order value is £1000 plus VAT or higher (but this can cover spiral guards and canes as well as the plants themselves).

Ray Jenkins has decades of experience of supplying hedging plants and woodland trees to farmers and our website is designed to help farmers choose the most suitable species for the situation they are planting. Unfortunately, we do not, at this time, offer a cash and carry service but you can arrange to collect your plants on a specific date to avoid the delivery charge if that is helpful. 

We are very familiar with the Countryside Stewardship grant scheme and have designed our mixed native hedging packs to fit the grant criteria (select the 45/60cm 1+1 plants to comply with the grant rules).  You can use our grant calculator to work out how much the grant might be minus the cost of plants and guards/canes to see how much margin you'll be left with.

If you want alternative species or advice, please call us on 01989 552028 or email

Forestry companies and individual foresters are a very important customer base of R J Trees and Hedging and we grow a wide range of species suitable for forestry, including some "orchard seed" and "select stand seed" (collected from superior trees) which are especially good for forestry and productive woodlands.

You can apply for a trade discount if your are likely to order £5,000 plus VAT in any one season. This will give you discounted prices and also access to Ray Jenkins for advice on the phone and 30 days credit. Otherwise, please order online. Our online prices still reflect the fact that you are buying direct from the grower.

We are a member of Confor and also a member of the very limited Confor Nursery Producers' Group which is a special interest group of progressive, commercial UK forest nurseries.

Landowner customers fall into two categories.

Sometimes orders are what we define as relatively small (under £5,000 +VAT) although we recognise that's still a lot of money.  Please order online and be reassured that our prices shown online still reflect that you are buying "direct from the grower".

If your order is likely to be over £5,000 + VAT, you can open a trade account with us and this will then give you access to Ray's advice from his decades of experience and 30 days credit.

If your usual nursery doesn't have the species or the quantities you need, you can buy from us directly or we can make arrangements to supply your normal nursery. For smaller orders (which for us is up to £5,000 + VAT) please order online - volume discounts are shown and you are still getting our "direct from the grower" prices. For larger orders (£5,000 + VAT or more), please send your list to or call us on 01989 552028 to open a trade account with us for trade pricing and credit terms.

Local Authorities are large scale trade purchasers of exactly the types of tree that we grow and we expect a considerable increase in enquiries from LA’s with the recent announcement by the Forestry Commission in conjunction with DEFRA of the Woodland Creation Accelerator Fund, which is a fund of £7.8m to support Local Authorities’ resource (whether in house teams or consultants) enabling them in turn to increase tree planting or woodland creation commitments.  We are always very pleased to supply LA’s with trees and tree planting accessories and all enquiries should be directed to or call us on 01989 552028.

We are proud to supply a number of charities with plants which are distributed to farmers and communities to contribute to the UK's net zero goals.   We can arrange smaller call offs of a large order.  We are also open to contract growing specific tree or hedging species to agreed specifications if required.

Small charities likely to spend £5,000 + VAT or less - please order online and be reassured that you are still getting "direct from the grower" prices.

Larger chartities likely to spend £5,000 + VAT or more in any one season - please speak to Ray on 01989 552028 or email with your requirements list and we will open a trade account for you which will then give you access to trade prices on the website and credit terms.

With recent moves towards Biodiversity Net Gain, we have helped many house builders/developers and ecologists with BNG plans.  Please feel free to get Ray Jenkins' input at an early stage and where rarer species are required, it is sensible to pre-order in advance to ensure that plants will be available when required.