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Contract Growing


Ray Jenkins has many years’ experience of contract growing wholesale plants specifically for forestry customers, other wholesale nurseries and for online retailers and we currently have several large (100,000+ plants) contract grow arrangements underway.

There are many benefits to contract growing ....

-        -  There are multiple options for seed sourcing including supplying your own seed which we can have treated and stored until ready to sow, or we can advise on seed selection and order it on our trade terms from our specialist seed merchant, or you can order seed and have it delivered to us, or we can arrange a collection of seed from your existing woodland/forest

-        -  We can agree with you the exact specification of the plant – whether you are looking for the maximum number of plants for the seed provided, or you want higher than normal height or more sturdy plants than normal

-         - We can either supply all plants that grow from the seed on an ungraded basis or we can grade out the best for you and we will sell the others on the open market at an appropriate price and return an agreed margin to you

-      -  All contract grown plants are ring fenced on our farm in Herefordshire and you can visit to inspect them, discuss their progress and agree a delivery date

-       -  We have links with many foresters and can either arrange contract planting or assist you in obtaining more foresters to supplement your own

-      -  Of course, all plants grown will be subject to full traceability and will adhere to Plant Healthy biosecurity standards

-      -  Currently some species of woodland and forest tree are in scarce supply and contract growing allows the customer to be certain that they will be able to achieve their planting targets at a pre agreed price which is always lower than the market price (price will vary depending on species and quantity)

If you are interested in exploring a contract grow arrangement, please be aware that we would need to plan it in to our production so we’d need to be agreeing terms (often on a handshake basis) in the summer/autumn before you wish us to sow and plants then would be ready the following autumn or the autumn after that (depending on species) so the full lead time is either towards 18 months or towards 30 months.

Please speak to Ray Jenkins on 01989 552028 to explore this valuable option if you require a large quantity of plants at an agreed wholesale price.