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Checking your order

Checks to make on receipt of your order

We have a very experienced team of despatchers and do our own checks on all orders being despatched but we recommend you do the following checks yourself to satisfy yourself before you begin planting

1.  Check the quantity, species and heights/specifications of plants and planting essentials delivered is as per your order and alert us before you begin planting if there are any discrepancies

2.  We keep a very short timescale between plants leaving us and being received by you so they should arrive in very good condition but if the weather is very mild they can sweat a bit in transit, so get them into the open air in a sheltered position (away from cold winds) to allow them to dry off.  This is particularly important in November when some species will still have some leaves on them - you actually want these leaves to drop off to avoid mould

3.   Ensure plant roots are not drying out due to being in transit – stand them for 10 minutes in buckets of water or run a hose over them if they seem dry.  We pack with the roots facing out of the pallet so that you can hose them without unpacking the pallet. Drying winds are the enemy of bare root plants – roots can dessicate very quickly, so always handle your plants in a sheltered position

4.  We get a lot of comments that the plants look dead on arrival but we assure you that they are completely viable and will burst into life in spring.  You can reassure yourself by using a fingernail to scrape back a bit of bark – green stems underneath mean fresh living plants

5.  Keep the plant passport labels so that you know the source of your purchase

Please note that some species will still have some leaves on them when we are lifting them in November, but they then quickly drop those leaves - please don't be concerned if there are a lot of fallen leaves - this is completely normal.