Benefits of cell grown plants

Ray Jenkins has been growing bare root plants for almost four decades so you would be hard pressed to find anyone who’s more positive about the benefits of bare root plants and we literally sell millions of them each year …. but we also sell cell grown plants because we respect the benefits they offer

  • Their major advantage is that they are available virtually all year round rather than just in the bare root dormant season.  As well as providing the planting team with flexibility and convenience, it can also mean that plants are put into warmer soil and better weather.  Of course that risks dry spells so we wouldn’t suggest you plant in an August heatwave, but April, May, September and October are ideal months for planting cell grown plants as well as during the November to March planting season
  • The roots are entirely enclosed with the cell so there is no damage at all, and the plants are easily planted intact
  • They can be left outside (and indeed are left outside at the specialist grower’s nursery) and as long as it rains or they are watered, there isn’t the urgency to plant or heel in that there is with bare roots
  • They have a good survival rate, partly because of the intact roots and the ease of planting and whilst they are more expensive than bare roots, that then saves labour on beating up
  • Some species of bare root get sold out each season so cell grown can be the only way of adding important species to a mix
  • There’s a wide range of species available including some that we don’t grow as bare roots

See our blog for benefits of bare root plants.

We buy in cell grown plants from a specialist grower.  We don’t keep them in stock.  They can either be delivered direct to you or they can be delivered to us and get despatched to you along with your bare root order.

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