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Bagging Options

As a trade nursery, we normally despatch stock unbagged (packed horizontally on pallets) but we can offer two bagging options. 

- Very heavy duty black bags - normally used by farmers, landowners, landscapers etc

- Co-extruded bags which are white on the outside, to reflect sunlight, and black inside, to retain moisture on the roots -  normally used by foresters.

In both cases, there is a considerable labour cost to us in putting stock into bags, and then the air in the bags takes up a considerable amount of space on the pallet which means that we get many fewer plants onto a pallet compared with unbagged stock eg for 1+0 seedlings instead of approx. 10,000 plants per pallet of unbagged stock, we'd only get approx. 5,000 plants per pallet if they are bagged.   Given that we pay the delivery cost on orders over £3000 plus VAT, supplying stock in bags is a significant extra cost for us for some customers. 

You can specifically request black or white bags on the website after you add plants to your shopping basket.  Please order the same quantity as the number of plants you are buying - the pricing for bagging is per plant rather than per bag.